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  • Finding the Audacity of Equality in the Stories of Immigrants and Refugees

    The 30 minute webinar from the 2022 Multilingual Learner Conference on July 9, 2022. Be sure to watch in higher resolution.

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    On CLICK HERE TO ORDER On the Scholastic Teacher Store: CLICK HERE TO ORDER Or, call your local independent bookstore and order a copy! ENDORSEMENTS FROM EDUCATORS, SCHOOL AND LITERACY LEADERS “Don is a wonderful storyteller, and his honest essays about himself and his family, their escape from the Vietnam days before Saigon fell, […]

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  • COMING SPRING 2021: Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Happiness

    According to the US Census, almost a quarter of all students in the United States are first or second generation immigrants. By 2030, the percentage of students learning English as a second language is projected to be close to 40%. Furthermore, as immigration has recently become a top concern for politicians, the number of hate […]

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  • Sowing the Seeds for a Stronger America

    From ACSA Leadership Magazine, November/December 2018 “You speak English pretty good! You don’t even have an accent!”  This was said to me.  Last year.  I am a 45 year old man, 43 of those years spent in America. I have a doctorate degree and have worked in public schools for the last 24 years as […]

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