Summer Tour 2019

I’ll be at the International Literacy Association (ILA) Nevada Intensive on June 21- June 22! I have 2 sessions:

Summer Leap

The Summer Leap: Using Summer to Bridge the Literacy Gap for SED Students

The “summer slide” negatively impacts socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students disproportionately. We will discuss how elementary schools can keep kids reading over summer vacation by:


IMG_2012Video Book Talks and Trailers: Using Multimedia to Build Background Knowledge and Promote Equity

Book Talks are a great way to introduce kids to a new book. The Video Book Talk takes it to a whole new level- using multimedia to produce a book talk allows educators to include something that is critical to reading comprehension- background knowledge. In this session, you will learn about the research on building background knowledge and its impact on literacy and its role in equity in schools and society. You will also learn how to make your own Video Book Talk. It’s easier than you think! Bring your own device if you want to give it a go!

I’ll be at the Scholastic Reading Summit in LA later in the summer!


Creating a Culture of Literacy in your Classroom and School

Want to create a culture of literacy in your classroom and your school? Principal Don Vu and Barrett Ranch staff used research-based ideas (describe as the Conditions of Culture) to develop a 5 year plan to transform literacy in their school. From easy to implement ideas for the classroom to an inspirational project of creating reading lounges on campus, you’ll be ready to start your own campaign!

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