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On CLICK HERE TO ORDER On the Scholastic Teacher Store: CLICK HERE TO ORDER Or, call your local independent bookstore and order a copy! ENDORSEMENTS FROM EDUCATORS, SCHOOL AND LITERACY LEADERS “Don is a wonderful storyteller, and his honest essays about himself and his family, their escape from the Vietnam days before Saigon fell, […]

COMING SPRING 2021: Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Happiness

According to the US Census, almost a quarter of all students in the United States are first or second generation immigrants. By 2030, the percentage of students learning English as a second language is projected to be close to 40%. Furthermore, as immigration has recently become a top concern for politicians, the number of hate […]

Sowing the Seeds for a Stronger America

From ACSA Leadership Magazine, November/December 2018 “You speak English pretty good! You don’t even have an accent!”  This was said to me.  Last year.  I am a 45 year old man, 43 of those years spent in America. I have a doctorate degree and have worked in public schools for the last 24 years as […]


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