The Two Minute Huddle


I’m a big sports fan. I love Bay Area sports. The San Francisco Bay Area. The Warriors. The A’s and Giants. My football team is the 49ers (even though that’s hard to say these last few seasons).

In football, before most plays, the players gather around and plan the offensive attack. This is called the huddle. It’s usually a quick preview of what the play is, who’s doing what, and what to look out for. I’m introducing the Two Minute Huddle in my Read Alouds to do just that- to plan for the play. And of course, the play is the reading of the story. Is there vocabulary that may need explained? Any things to look for or be aware of in the story? It’s just a way to prepare kids for the reading so that they get the most out of the story.

In the new book by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown, Creepy Pair of Underwear, Jasper Rabbit overcomes his fear of a pair of ghoulish and greenish underwear. I decided to make this my next video read aloud, my first since the summer, but felt the need to include some way to help kids understand some of the vocabulary better. In the Two Minute Huddle, I break down the word “Ghoulish” and then explain them the suffix “ish”. They will see this in the book so, in a way, we’re planning for the story in our huddle. Hopefully, when they see it in the book, they understand it better AND the ideas are reinforced through the reading.

We can do Two Minute Huddles to help preview any reading in the classroom. And, we should! Imagine football players going out and playing without the huddle before each play! There’d be a lot of confusion. The same goes for reading. The huddle doesn’t have to be very long. In fact, it shouldn’t be a lengthy lesson at all. It’s a short preview- keeping their attention on the reading at hand.

Check out the new read aloud of Creepy Pair of Underwear and the Two Minute Huddle here:


The Two Minute Huddle basics:



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